Membership Form - General Information




Business Information


Insurance Coverage

  • It is required for all BBIC members to carry current Bed & Breakfast Business Liability Insurance. We recommend a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability coverage. Please include your liability coverage declaration page and send to:


    • 1. My inn provides short term, overnight lodging in which breakfast and refreshments are included in the room rate and I have completed the self-evaluation form for Membership.
    • 2. My inn carries a minimum of $1,000,000 current business liability insurance and will submit a current liability coverage page to the association. I release from liability, the association and all members thereof.
    • 3. My inn assumes responsibility for meeting all applicable Bed and Breakfast business requirements (i.e. sales tax, business licenses, health regulations, zoning, etc.) to be enforced by state and local authorities.
    • 4. My inn operates in a professional business-like manner in accordance with the practices and standards of the association.
    • 5. I understand that it is incumbent upon all members to engage in bed and breakfast activities in the spirit of goodwill and cooperation with all Member inns.
    • 6. I understand that failure to comply with the BBIC bylaws may result in termination of membership.
    • 7. I understand that should my inn receive complaints/be subject to grievances that follow up will be made by the association as determined by the BBIC Membership Committee.
    • 8. My inn is responsible for paying current dues and submitting an annual agreement form.
    • 9. I understand that BBIC Membership is transferable when an inn changes ownership and that BBIC must be notified of the change within one month of the new ownership.
    • 10. That when I terminate my membership and my inn wishes to rejoin BBIC, that I must submit a new application for BBIC Membership.
    • 11. I understand and have completed the Standards Self Evaluation Checklist (See Step 3)