Frozen Dead Guy Days: A Unique Colorado Activity

Frozen Dead Guy Days: A Unique Colorado Activity

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Once upon a time there was a man with a heart condition and wanderlust.  Okay, maybe just a heart condition.  Mr. Bredo Morstel lived in Norway and lived there his entire life.  When his heart finally got the best of him in 1989, he made his way to California where he was cryogenically frozen before traveling to Colorado to be with his daughter and grandson (who had hoped to start a cryogenics lab themselves).  Without a proper place to host their father/grandfather, “Grandpa Bredo” was relegated to the shed where he was kept properly chilled.

To make a long story short, both visa problems and living space issues found the threat – nay, the problem – of grandpa facing life (or death) on his own.

What?  What about the summer months?  Who will look after Grandpa Bredo?

This is where the city of Nederland stepped in.  Working with Grandpa Bredo’s daughter, the city  passed appropriate regulations in the mid 1990’s that allowed Grandpa Bredo to be cared for by the city.

FDGD - Bed & breakfasts & inns of Colorado Association

But, of course, where there is city responsibility, there is a city job.  In the years that followed, Grandpa Bredo acquired an “Ice Man” to keep his body packed in dry ice, keeping it at an appropriate temperature for continued cryogenic preservation (thank you, Bo Shaffer for over 20 years of service!).  Oh, and if anyone wants to see Grandpa Bredo, Mr. Shaffer is happy to let you visit.

And what does that mean?  It means that Nederland has quite the story to tell.  And any town worth its weight in good-natured population knows that a situation such as theirs warrants an event!  Ergo,Frozen Dead Guy Days(FDGD) began in 2001, and has been gaining popularity and attendance ever since.

Now, FDGD is considered one of the 100 top festivals in the United States (so named by the Chicago Tribune).  This year’s 2013 celebration commences on the weekend of March 8-10.

When you attend, be prepared for both a lot of fun and a lot of spectacle.  Food, music, Grandpa Look-alike Contest, lots of people dressed as the dearly departed, a polar-bear type swim, Coffin Races, cryogenic-related activities, shopping, films, hearse parade, games and contests, and more.  You never quite know what might “animate” at this unforgettable event.

FDGD - Bed & breakfasts & inns of Colorado Association
Nederland itself is a pretty little community in the Rockies.  Technically in the left leg of Colorado’sFront Range Region, the town is also easily accessible from locations in theDenver,Northwest, and even theSouth Central Region!  Our member inns will keep the fire going and your room warm and cozy for your return from a grand day of cold fun!  With great amenities and first-rate, personal attention, your hosts will make sure that you have a great night’s rest and a great breakfast in case you want to go back for more!
So why not plan a bed and breakfast getaway for the weekend of Frozen Dead Guy Days and enjoy some quirky fun that you will be talking about for years to come.

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