Come Experience the Beauty of Fall Color in Colorado

Fall is truly a time of magic in nature:  the air crisps up, the days seem brighter, and the trees produce the most amazing colors!  In the northern part of the state and in the mountains, the change begins in mid September, culminating in late September.  In the southern part of the state, colors keep changing into October.  Now is the perfect time to plan your Colorado fall getaway, and see for yourself how gorgeous our state can be!

In the plains, farm crops and grasses keep the landscape in browns and golds.  Occasional hits of color will come from cottonwood and oaks, especially along lakes and waterways, where colors ranging from yellow to red may occur.  Landscaped areas can be fun to watch as well, as the variety of plants chosen may bring a wide range of colors.

In the mountains, much is still green thanks to our abundance of
evergreens.  But watch closely as you travel because they will become
suffused with spots of the amazing colors of our deciduous varieties!  Colorado Aspens and Birch trees bring brilliant yellows among the
evergreens.  Poplars, Boxelders, and Cottonwoods bring more yellows and a
good dose of orange.  High in the mountains and on the western side,
oaks turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow.  Occasional Ash
trees can add their own kaleidoscope from yellow, to orange, red, and
even purple!  And plants along the waterways can create ribbons of fiery
color through the undergrowth.

Here in the plains, you have all the crops, plants, and landscaping turning to vibrant golds.  Along the rivers and lakes, riparian vegetation can turn a rainbow of colors.

Our wide open spaces also feature the vibrant golds of our low-lying vegetation and grasslands.  As the landscape transitions into hill and canyon country, you’ll find more trees offering their fall colors.

Trinidad Lake looking at Fisher’s Peak in late fall
(photo from Tarabino Inn)

Front Range
From plains farmland into the foothills and canyons, the front range has color potential ranging from browns through the full fall color gamut.

Grasslands outside Boulder
(photo from Briar Rose B&B)

Stunning view of Aspens changing among the evergreens
(photo from Silver Queen B&B)

Denver Area
Trees planted within the city, as well as those in the urban parks, offer bursts of color amidst the concrete.  Outside the city is landscape ranging from plains on the east to foothills on the west, offering additional fall foliage varieties.

South Central Region
Gold and orange are the primary fall colors here, as foothills and mountains are the geographic features of this area.  Aspens abound with their golden hues, and cottonwoods jump into the mix with their yellow-to-orange tones.

Colors outside of Cripple Creek
(photo from Carr Manor)
Fall at the Arbor House B&B on the River
Fall colors begin to show at Blue Skies Inn

Evergreens, aspen, and birch trees are in abundance in this area, providing a good dose of green/yellow.  Additional color comes into play on the western side of this region, where a wider variety of trees and plant life thrive near waterways and in lower altitudes.

Brilliant golds of the aspen and birch
(photo from Ambiance Inn B&B)
Gorgeous colors near Frisco Lodge

Creek-side beauty at Four Mile Creek B&B

Mountains and canyons abound in this area, meaning another chance for some great golden color among the evergreens.  As you head south, the harsh landscape is more accommodating to the oaks and ash trees, providing a wider range of fall colors.

Colors near the Bross Hotel B&B
Colors changing near Cedars’ Edge Llamas B&B

No matter where you travel in The Centennial State, you’re sure to see amazing vistas and gorgeous fall colors during your bed and breakfast vacation between mid-September and mid-October.  Member inns of the Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado welcome you during this beautiful season, and will be glad to let you know the best places nearby to see nature in the prime of her beauty!

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