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Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado Association (BBIC) recently established an Aspiring Innkeepers Network Program through the association’s membership and on the BBIC website at: Aspiring innkeepers may take advantage of industry education through the experience base of seasoned innkeepers. From workshops and consulting to apprenticeship programs, BBIC member inns offer their services to assist individuals who are contemplating and researching the business of bed and breakfast innkeeping.

While BBIC annually hosts a conference with information on how to start a bed and breakfast inn, the association felt it should expand upon providing aspiring information assistance all through the year. "What better way for aspiring innkeepers to get a perspective of the B&B industry than from experienced business owners in our association", says Sharon Rowe, President of BBIC. "We’re very excited about the expansion of our website which now provides a listing of professional bed and breakfast seminars and hands-on training programs."

Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado was established in 1987 and promotes "inspected and approved" bed and breakfast inns throughout the state of Colorado. The association represents over 100 B&Bs statewide and assists travelers in locating quality B&Bs in Colorado. In addition, the association is involved in legislative and marketing efforts for member inns and the bed and breakfast industry. For more information on the listing of BBIC Aspiring Innkeeper opportunities, see the website at:

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