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Why Choose an Inspected and Approved

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Did you know there are over 400 Bed & Breakfasts in the State of Colorado? Before I became an Inn Owner, my husband and I traveled and stayed at many Bed & Breakfasts across the United States. Sometimes on Business, other times on Pleasure. We quickly learned that not all B&B's are created equal.

I remember one occasion when we stayed at a Country Inn on the edge of the Smoky Mountains. The "Lower Level" room advertised on the brochure turned out to be a room was a converted Root Cellar. My 6 foot 2 husband was unable to stand upright, since the ceiling itself was quite low, root cellar low. The room itself was very quaint, with glazed, stone walls, and antique furniture. I can't say I had ever slept on an antique "rope" bed before, the kind that sinks you to the center, and you find yourself struggling to escape. I have to admit that the "antique correctness" of the place was to be commended, though guest comfort fell low on the list of amenities.

Today, I've found myself telling this story more than once to my guests, as I hand them a copy of the Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado (BBIC) State Guide. All of our inns across the state are "Inspected and Approved." This means you don't have to guess about the quality, cleanliness, or accurate promotion of any one of our Inns. The BBIC organization has already investigated it for you. You know you're dealing with an Inn that operates within the laws of its state and city - that it has all required tax and licensing requirements. You also know that the Inn carries commercial liability insurance to protect you and your property. All of our Inns are inspected by an Independent Inspector for cleanliness, safety and hospitality. If by some small chance something does go wrong with your stay, or you find the Inn not as described, you can take your complaint to the Inspecting State Association Public Relations Board for resolution.

So, next time you find yourself traveling in our wonderful state of Colorado, look first to the BBIC to rest assure that your "Rest will be Assured". You can find us at or call 800-265-7696 for a State Guide.

When traveling outside the state of Colorado, you can find Inspected and Approved Inns, for 25 + different states, listed on the Inspected Inns Website at