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Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado ( in an ongoing effort to highlight the many regional efforts of our BBIC State Members, are happy to announce….

Rest assured and no surprises with the Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado


You may be looking for charm. Or comfort. You probably expect something a bit different each time. But one thing you don’t want when you check into a bed and breakfast is a rude surprise.

The Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado provide a surprise-free way to know your B&B stay will be a great one. This State Association requires every member inn to be checked and approved.

The inspections are conducted by an independent inspector and are thorough in scope, covering safety and security items as well as appearance, comfort, and cleanliness. Food preparation, amenities, and administrative items are evaluated as part of the inspection.

Sharon Rowe, President of BBIC reports, "Each member inn is required to undergo a rigorous inspection every two years to insure compliance with our Association standards. This in turn lets guests know that these inns will automatically deliver a consistently clean, comfortable and professional experience that historically has been sporadic in the bed & breakfast industry."

You can be assured any BBIC inn will have important items like safety lights, locks on all doors and first floor windows. You can be assured of clean rooms with adequate lighting. No paper plates, no "grab a muffin and go" breakfasts but ones where you can sit down to a nicely appointed table. The inspections go all the way to the inside of the refrigerators and freezers to assure your breakfast is one you’ll fondly remember.

You can be assured a BBIC inn will be professional, offering written confirmations, helpful staff, posted hours, and referrals to help you in your travels. You can be assured your rest will be assured. Sleeping well comes easy when you’re in a BBIC inn.

The 2003 BBIC brochure lists 99 inspected and approved inns. They come in all shapes and sizes (one room to nineteen), in all parts of the state. They’re all wonderfully different except for one very important thing: the quality of your stay.

To see the inns, check out the Bed & Breakfast innkeepers of Colorado website at: To receive a brochure, call 1-800-265-7696 or email And if you are traveling out of state and would like the same assurances, visit for other inspected & approved State B&B Associations.